Norwegian Cruise Line - NCL Joy

The Norwegian Joy Westernisation Project was described by Colin Gant, Norwegian Cruise Line’s former Vice President of Vessel Refurbishment, NCL as “A challenging and complex project large in scale and short in time, requiring meticulous planning and execution by a top tier outfitter. MJM Marine brought scale, experience, skill and ability to think outside the box to pull off a project of this magnitude.”

What makes it unique for MJM Marine is that:
• We were the only outfitter contracted to undertake this project
• This was the single biggest project that we have ever undertaken
• We managed five other projects during the Norwegian Joy installation

With just 9 months from contract signing until delivery, this project spanned 3 continents, 6 countries and incorporated a drydock, a wet dock and in service works in a 42-day timeframe. Forty separate spaces were refurbished by a 1400-strong team representing 16 different nationalities. This mammoth project challenged every aspect of MJM Marine’s operation from planning and design through to procurement, logistics, production, HR, finance, contract management and installation. The end result was the delivery of a ship of “new-build” quality which has been described by NCL President and CEO Andy Stuart, as “innovative” and “incredible” and which was ranked number one for guest satisfaction across the Norwegian brand.