Marella Cruises - Marella Voyager

MJM Marine had the pleasure of continuing our long-standing relationship with Marella and TUI and transforming the Mein Schiff Hertz into the magnificent Marella Voyager, revitalising the stunning vessel for passengers and crew to experience on its future voyages. MJM also carried out refit projects onboard the ship when it originally served as Mv Mercury for Celebrity and helped in the conversion to Mein Schiff Hertz before undertaking significant work to support the vessel conversion to Marella Voyager.

Playing a central role in the turnkey interior outfitting of public zones, the teams completed the renovation with MJM's trademark quality, craftsmanship, and expertise that is similarly woven through our values and every project accomplishment.

The four-week drydock commenced at the Puerto Real Yard in Cadiz, Spain, and involved 11 areas across various decks including:

🎨 Arts House

☕ Coffee Port

📸 Photo Gallery

🛍 Cruise Holiday Store

🎮 Gamer Zone

🏊‍♀️ Pool Deck

🍹 Pool Bar

💆‍♀️ Spa

🥂 Shack Bar

🙆‍♂️ Hideout

⚡ Electric Rooms

The scope of work encompassed;

☑ significant joinery elements;

☑ wall, ceiling, and floor refinishing;

☑ improvements to various bar areas including installation of state-of-the-art equipment, and cladding and pelmet upgrades;

☑ decorative finishes such as signage and artwork murals;

☑ bulkhead modifications;

☑ furniture maintenance and upholstery solutions, including installation of loose and fixed furniture and accessories

☑ carpeting services across multiple areas.

Additionally, we carried out extensive outfitting to the Electric Rooms zone, comprised of several sections covering the Banquette, Nightclub, upper and lower Lounge, Dance Floor, Bar, and Casino spaces. In collaboration with GDS Pioneering Light, architectural LED lighting was integrated seamlessly into MJM's bespoke interior pieces. With full-colour spectrum capabilities, the ultra-high power, dynamic solutions provided the final spark to bring the area to life, stimulating the senses and charging the surroundings with an electrifying atmosphere.

We're extremely proud of everyone involved at MJM Marine for their hard work and dedication. A special shout out to Contracts Manager Richard Wilk for overseeing the successful refurbishment of pivotal spaces on Marella Voyager to the highest standards.