Our services

MJM Marine offers a full range of services to provide complete, bespoke solutions to any client, from initial enquiry, right through to project delivery and handover.

Marine Outfitting

MJM Marine offers a complete turn-key solution for the outfitting of all spaces on board Cruise Ships, Ferries, Yachts and vessels of any type. The broad nature of MJM Marine’s expertise allows the company to handle:

  • Steelwork modifications and upgrades
  • Modifications and upgrades to on-board electrical & mechanical services
  • Changes to layouts including reinstatement of fire boundaries
  • Galley and other key sub-contractor installations
  • Manufacture & installation of all bespoke furniture, finishes, ceiling features and seating

MJM Marine’s recent experience includes the refit of cabins, restaurants, bars, casinos, atriums, cinemas, passenger circulation spaces, crew areas and open-decks.


MJM Marine, operating out of a 100,000 sq. ft. factory, has a global reputation for the high quality of products produced through innovative manufacturing techniques and attention to detail. MJM Marine has the ability to produce high volumes of bespoke joinery items, blending traditional joinery techniques and advanced CNC systems.

Our in-house design team use the latest 3D drawing packages which integrate flawlessly with our CAD/CAM packages, this in turn controls our CNC Machines. In-house services also include a spray shop, steelworks, carpet and upholstery.


Antimicrobial Solutions


MJM has partnered with Vyv, a health tech company and a market leader in antimicrobial LED light technology.

Benefits of Antimicrobial light:

  • Vyv stops the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mould and mildew
  • Non-UV continuous cleaning antimicrobial light technology
  • 90%-99.99% reduction in surface contamination, adding safety reassurance to passengers
  • Meets international standards for continuous use and unlimited use around people
  • Highly flexible LED form factor for custom antimicrobial applications
  • Sustainable energy-efficient operation

Easy Integration:

  • Full integration with standard lighting controls for easy installation
  • Highly adaptable design for retrofitting existing lighting configurations


MJM has partnered with Ilimex, a manufacturer of UV-C Air Sterilisers, which use a combination of sterilisation technologies to eliminate 99.9 % of airborne pathogens, including coronavirus.  

Benefits of UV-C Air Sterilisation:

  • Medical grade air sterilisation with 99.9999% effectiveness
  • Single pass kill technology
  • 1-3 year warranty on all parts
  • Low maintenance 2-8* year UVC light source
  • Simple install with annual filter change
  • Just requires a power supply

Easy Integration:

  • The free-standing unit takes air from the space into the top of the unit. It is drawn down through the filters and UVC chamber, where all the air is sterilised and the sterilised air is re-distributed from the bottom.
  • The ceiling mounted units pulls air into the bottom of the unit, sterilises it in the same fashion as the free-standing unit and returns the sterilised air to the space from the top.

Carpet & Upholstery Division 

MJM Marine offers a range of carpet and upholstery services including, re-upholstery and restoration of furniture and carpet fitting and installation.

Interiors & Furniture Re-upholstery

  • Re-upholstery of furniture and soft goods
  • Textiles (sheers, draperies, headboards, bedding etc)
  • Replacement of cushion inserts with certified IMO materials
  • Custom made window treatments
  • Decorative pillows
  • Lampshades
  • Wallpaper and wall panel installations
  • Sourcing, procurement and logistics of materials and fabrics

Furniture Restoration

  • Paint, touch-up and refinishing of furniture
  • Leather restoration, paint, and colour matching
  • Custom made furniture, chairs and sofas/sofa beds

Flooring Solutions

  • Carpet fitting and installation
  • Tile installation
  • Wood flooring installation
  • Vinyl flooring installation
  • Vinyl, laminate, LVT and LVP