Research & Development

MJM has a dedicated Research and Development department aimed both at improving MJM’s processes, and the development of specialised materials and products for use in the marine and commercial sectors.

Our R&D department has developed a deep understanding of the substrate characteristics of the materials used in our manufacturing processes. Utilising advanced techniques, MJM has designed several components and materials displaying enhanced properties under extreme conditions. These materials have outperformed many other currently available in the manufacturing industry, and proven to be lighter and more durable than the original materials used.

These have already been successfully implemented into the design and installation phases of fit-outs, with a marked reduction in the overall weight of materials involved, ensuring reductions in fuel costs and carbon footprint for the client.

MJM are active collaborators of the participant based research facility at Northern Ireland Advanced Composite and Engineering Centre. The company is committed to promoting academic interaction in pre-commercial R&D to lead industrial change and act as a fore-runner in advanced maritime materials. MJM will continue to push the boundaries in the fit-out sector.

MJM is a current participant with the NIACE facility in Belfast. 

NIACE facilitates the use of advanced machinery for R&D purposes.

NIACE facilities boast space large enough to accomodate numerous participant companies, enhancing collaborative R&D advancements.