MJM operates internationally and excels in the fitting out of Marine vessels and refurbishment in land based projects worldwide. MJM’s experienced Logistics department ensures that all tools and materials required to complete any contract arrive in a timely manner. The team has the ability to “think outside the box” to find solutions for time sensitive shipments. Excellent relationships have also been forged with freight forwarders and agents worldwide, assisting in the smooth co-ordination of shipments from MJM to the specific vessel or land based location.

A dedicated team within the Logistics department works diligently to monitor and track each shipment and at the same time ensure that compliance with the regulatory bodies is completed and recorded. This exciting and dynamic environment presents great logistical challenges but with the experience, ability and motivation present at MJM, clients can be assured that all resources required for fit-out will be available on or before the agreed time.

MJM also operates with a unique end-user approach in mind, tailored to each customer, to ensure the quality and safe delivery of all goods and materials. This approach is vital in ensuring a smooth fit-out from start to finish.

MJM has numerous vehicles in its fleet for transport of tools, workforce and materials to any location.