MJM Group HQ – Workshop Overview

MJM has 250,000 sq. ft. 2 of manufacturing space at its disposal, across four locations. This includes some of the most advanced equipment available in the manufacturing industry, including the latest in CNC machinery. Our workforce is adapt at both modern and traditional joinery techniques, to ensure the highest quality finishes are created at our plants.

MJM’s HQ in Newry, completed and opened for trading in 2013, has over 30,000 ft2 of office space, where the core design, contracts and estimating teams are able to plan and devise the most complex of jobs using high-tech software and innovative processes. This is complemented by 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

MJM is a strong advocate of continuous investment in our facilities and operating procedures, especially when the company can limit it’s environmental impact. A new state of the art biomass system has been purchased in 2016 for HQ in Newry, which assists in heating both office space and the production facility; thus reducing waste sent to landfill sites, and reliance on traditional fuel sources. In 2015 the company also installed a 250KW solar PV system, further enhancing our environmental standing.

MJM’s current HQ in Newry is just the first phase in the company’s Carnbane development. Phase two is set for completion in 2016, which will again enhance MJM’s operating capacity.

MJM Marine joiners and craftsmen are highly skilled in their craft.

MJM Marine has a programme of continual investment in plant and equipment to ensure that we are at the forefront of our industry.