We are well known for our ability to develop, and if required, cost engineer the design of joinery installations. Many of our in-house designers have, at one time, been workshop craftsmen. Their experience of both workshop and manufacturing techniques enables them to confidently offer solutions to design or budget problems.

At MJM we are attuned to the latest technology based design trends and currently incorporate the latest suites and software packages into our processes:

  • Autodesk‚Äôs AutoCAD

  • Solidworks 3D CAD Design

  • SketchUP 3D Modelling

  • Artlantis 6 Rendering Engine

Our capabilities with these resources, in tandem with our knowledge and innovative approach make our design team capable of tackling almost any proposal. Because of this we can offer a versatile, transparent and adaptable service across every stage of a project. If our remit includes designing out cost we will work up proposals for more economical construction details or alternative materials to achieve a similar finish, never at the expense of quality.

Through our state of the art manufacturing facility we can very quickly produce samples of proposed details or finishes to help expedite the whole design development stage.