An event organised by a sister company to MJM marine will leave a lasting legacy for the community of Ballykelly, Limavady.  As the last truck rolled out of Ballykelly on Sunday evening following the inaugural Engine Show, thoughts have turned to what this event means for the wider Ballykelly community. The Engine Show was held on Sunday 4th August at the Shackleton site in Ballykelly owned by MJM Group. The event brought more than 200 vehicles including trucks, tractors, vintage cars and machinery, live country music and over 1,200 visitors to Ballykelly for a fun-filled day for all the family. The purpose of the event was to start a community fund to support local causes and charities.

 Deborah Loughran, MJM Group explained: “The Engine Show in Ballykelly was the brainchild of Eddie Crozier, a friend of the business, who is well known in the haulage and Irish Country music worlds. We worked with Eddie, our team at the Ballykelly site and the local community to use the exceptional space at Shackleton to create a family fun event for all the family. Not only has this opened the site up for the community to see it but we have used it as an opportunity to start a Community Fund. This will support local causes and charities to benefit the wider Ballykelly area. We hope to have up to several thousand pounds to put back into local causes.

 “It was a fantastic opportunity to show the site off to our own team as well. We offered free tickets to all our 650 employees from our other businesses and their families. We had up to 50 people who live locally come along. We also had more than 60 volunteers from across different groups in the locality so it really was a community event. MJM Group was delighted to put significant resource into making this event a success in keeping with our overall commitment to supporting, not only the local economy, but the communities in which we live and work.”

 Since taking over the site in 2016 MJM Group has put almost £30,000 back into local community projects including funding remedial works on the King’s Lane Community Centre, providing a prefab building for the NorthWest Lifelong Learning, a defibrillator for the community, providing sponsorship to Ballykelly Primary School and supporting the youth events at the community centre including sponsoring the selection boxes for the Christmas activities.

 Deborah Loughran added, “We have had tremendous support from a number of sponsors to allow us to put on this show.  It is the first year of the Engine Show but we believe that we have created an event which was not just fun but which will benefit the whole community.  We will make a further announcement about the fund locally in due course but in the meantime, we are asking people to let us know what other causes and community projects there are in the area to see if we can help to support some other activities in the future.  If you would like to let us know about a project, charity, activity or event in the Ballykelly area please fill in the enquiry form on the website and we will contact you with the details after the event.”