The arms of history seem to be firmly wrapped around MJM Group at the moment. As the Azamara Pursuit sailed into Belfast on 4th April for an historic refit, the newly-built and the world’s largest cruise ship, the Symphony of the Sea was preparing for its maiden voyage on 7th April.

And MJM Group is proud to be part of both historic projects.

Azamara Pursuit

The arrival of Azamara Pursuit in Belfast is historic for many reasons, not least because it is the first time in the history of MJM Group that we will complete a refit on in Northern Ireland, our home soil. The nature of the contract is also historic in that it is the first time any cruise company has awarded complete project management responsibilities to an individual organisation.

The Azamara Pursuit will be in Belfast until end of July during which time we will manage her complete transformation to the Azamara Club Cruise brand.

Symphony of the Seas

And then we have the Symphony of the Seas. It is almost impossible to miss the news explosion that has surrounded the unveiling of the world’s largest cruise ship which boasts an array of activities, restaurants and neighbourhoods.

One area which has been given particular attention by cruise aficionados is the Ultimate Family Suite, a two-story, 1,346-square-foot suite for up to eight guests which was created by MJM Group.

The Ultimate Family Suite comes complete with a “Magic Door” crawlspace which connects two bedrooms and an exclusive slide on which guests can slide down from the top level down to the living room. The Ultimate Family Suite also includes a private cinema, a floor-to-ceiling Lego Wall and a balcony with a table tennis, a full-size whirlpool, and an interactive 3-D vertical maze.

At £30,000 per week, the Ultimate Family Suite is the ultimate hideout for cruising families. For MJM Group, it has been the ultimate opportunity to showcase our capabilities to turn design concepts into breath-taking realities. The photos really do speak for themselves.

Other areas fitted out by MJM Group include Sugar Beach, paradise for kids and big kids with a penchant for candy and ice-cream; Playmakers, paradise for sports fans; Starbucks, El Loco and Hooked.