Aodhan Grego is a Quantity Surveyor with MJM Group.  His first drydock was as a placement student onboard the Adonia which has become the Azamara Pursuit. MJM Group is managing the complete rebrand fitout and Aodhan is part of the team.  Read his story here.

For anyone in the marine industry, it has been almost impossible to miss the news that MJM Group is bringing the Azamara Pursuit to Belfast for its transformation under the Azamara Club Cruise brand.

This contract is historic for many reasons – it is the first time in MJM Group’s history that the company has completed a refit in Belfast, it is the first time Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd has refit a ship in a UK shipyard and it is the first time that any cruise company has awarded complete project management responsibilities to a single fit-out company.

It really is unprecedented.

For me, I have a sense that I have come full circle with Azamara Pursuit. My first ever drydock was while I was on my placement year onboard P&O’s Adonia.  It was a relatively small project focussed mainly on conditional based refurbishment with the exception of adding a new space – a fine dining restaurant called the “Glasshouse,” but it was a nice job to cut my “marine fit-out” teeth on.

Fast forward two years, I’m a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor, working with MJM Group with a number of large scale fit-out projects under my belt. The Adonia has been sold and has become Azamara Pursuit and MJM Group has been awarded the full project management contract for its transformation.

This time the scope is massive. It is a complete interior refurbishment of all the cabins and public spaces including a large proportion of new build spaces. It will all be done by MJM Group and I am lucky enough to be part of the team.

This is hugely exciting for me, not least because it is taking place in my home town of Belfast but also because it is such an historic project and there is a feeling that the eyes of the marine world are upon us.

It is also hard to believe that just two short years ago, I was on my placement year from Ulster University and now I am a working on a massive marine fit-out contract which is being talked about as being a game-changer for the marine industry. This is testament to the speed in which our industry moves but also to MJM Group’s commitment to develop the skills and talents of their staff and push them to excel across the company.

So as the Azamara Pursuit sails in to Belfast next Wednesday (4th April), I am extremely excited to be part of the MJM Group Pursuit team. I am looking forward to being part of the team that delivers a successful project for Azamara Club Cruises and to see her leave Belfast in all her glory at the end of July.

Exciting (and busy!) times ahead.