Last week, MJM Group welcomed Aaron Bradley on a placement prior to beginning our Navigate Apprenticeship Programme in September.  We are delighted to have him aboard. This is Aaron’s first impression of MJM Group.

“Prior to starting a Higher Level Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, Advertising and Communications in September, MJM Group (MJM Marine, Mivan and Topglass) kindly gave me a placement opportunity within their marketing department until then.

I came in with no digital marketing experience and on my very first day, I learned more than I expected to learn in the first month! I was straight into some digital tenders, where I sat and observed the types of clients the company work with and how important decisions are made within the company. When observing the tenders I learned a lot, such as; how websites are made using different content management systems like WordPress, some of the reasons why certain techniques are used in website design in order to make a website look more professional and luxurious, and also learned how analytics intelligence is used and how useful a tool it can be.

I also received an introduction to the planning for The Ballykelly Engine Show 2020, hosted by MJM Group, for which I will have a challenging but rewarding role in assisting with the marketing for the show. Our aim will be to more than double the turnout of last year’s show, and I would be hugely proud to say I was part of the team who made this happen.

Each of my colleagues made me feel extremely welcome and a real part of the team in my first week – starting from day one – and I look forward to learning so many more things in the field of digital marketing while on this exciting placement journey.”